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Our mission is to provide quality programming for athletes of all skill levels ages 6 and up. Elite coaches with collegiate experience are present at all practices to help athletes realize and reach their wrestling potential. We aim to consistently improve and add value to every person that we encounter. We look forward to becoming a thriving and contributing member of the Reno/Sparks & Carson City communities.


Thanks to the love and support from the Reno community, we are growing! In an effort to keep all athletes safe and eliminate overcrowding on the mats, we ask all interested families to contact us before registering their kids. If you want to get started with SSWA, please contact us with your child's full name, age, and type/duration of wrestling experience they have, if any.  


All athletes must be members of USA Wrestling in order to register with SSWA. 


This focuses on teaching youth wrestlers the foundations of wrestling on top of teaching them body awareness. The intention of this program is to become a feeder program for our competitive youth program. We will be graduating kids to the next level on an individual basis. 

If your child is young and has a hard time listening or paying attention, we ask parents to be present at practice. We do not want one student to distract the learning of others. If your child becomes a distraction to the class, he/she will be asked to sit out the remainder of the practice.  


This program is intended for 1st - 7th-grade athletes who have graduated from our beginner program. Our youth program will help all athletes begin their journey as wrestlers by building their fundamentals, learning safe techniques, and most importantly having fun! 


This program is intended for 8th - 12th-grade athletes at any skill level. Athletes will be building on their wrestling experience and solidifying fundamentals in order for them to reach their full potential on the state and national levels. Athletes will also get college exposure.


Interested in personalized training? 

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